We look forward to providing mutual sleep health care for your patients.

Thank you for choosing Siesta Sleep Service as your trusted sleep health provider. We accept patient referrals in various forms. Please find below common referral pathways

Download our referral below

Please note

Due to recent Medicare changes an OSA 50 Score (5 or above) & Epworth Sleepiness Scale Score (8 or above) are now REQUIRED for a sleep study referral to meet Bulk Billing eligibility.

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Access our Electronic Referral + ESS HERE

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Doctors and Health Professionals using Best Practice Software can find us in templates section.

Print Referral Here – DOCTORS ONLY

This document is for Doctors use. It includes Epworth Sleepiness Scale

Personalise your own referral

Doctors and Health Professionals can use their own personalised referral.

Print Referral Here – PATIENTS ONLY

Patients can print this referral which includes Epworth Sleepiness Scale (ESS) and take it to their General Practitioner.